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Posted 14/04/2023 in Category 1

Understanding Independent Living

Understanding Independent Living

Living independently doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help and advice if you need it. There are a wide variety of resources that exist to give you the helping hand you need to maintain your independence at home. 

Here's a detailed and informative guide to help and support the elderly in living their lives independently.

The essentials of safe, independent living for seniors: https://www.comparethemarket.com/life-insurance/content/safe-independent-living-for-seniors/

It offers some of the practical, easy-to-follow advice, such as:

  1. Setting up an accessible home - suitable measures that you want to take
  2. Independent living options, including specialised housing and communities
  3. How to manage your finances when living independently
  4. Home safety advice - crime prevention, gas and fire, home maintenance, flood preparation

We also provide seniors with wide-ranging advice and support, like:

  1. Understand which benefits you’re entitled to, like attendance allowance, given to those over State Pension age or who have an illness or disability. 
  2. Consider investing in an access ramp, widened doorways, and a portable hoist. These can all make independent living much easier!
  3. Shared ownership schemes are great for people aged 55 and over, and almshouses (houses run by charitable trusts) are good options too.

Feel free to reach out if you need more information about our guide.